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Shopping to Build Your Chicken Coop on a Budget

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to discover how to build your chicken coop on a budget

You want to learn how to build your chicken coop on a budget. You are going to love this post! I am going to be teaching you how to comparative shop so that you can build your chicken coop on a budget. Let’s get to comparing, those chickens need a home!

Quick Recap of the Things You Should Have in Place

You should:

  • Have a budget that you are going to be spending on your coop.
  • Know what size your coop is going to be and have a list of necessary materials to build it.
  • You should have the necessary tools and skills needed to complete construction of your coop or if not you should be planned in your budget to be able to obtain them.

If you do not have these things in place, stop here for now. First, you should read 5 Things to Consider When Building a Chicken Coop. After reading this post return here to complete the next step.

You Know What You Need Now What?

Now you know exactly what you need to build your coop and are ready to do some product research. Don’t just go to the first store you think of where you can buy all the materials you need! Shop around for the best prices, the quality you are looking for, sales and deals. When you’re running a farming business every cent spent has to be recouped before you can begin to make a profit. Who wants to work years paying for a chicken coop that could have paid off in months? Where should you start to find the best quality for a fee you can afford? I’m glad that you asked!

Where to Look When Shopping to Build Your Chicken Coop on a Budget

Think about building, farm equipment or needs, or something for farm animals. I bet retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, and local farm and feed stores are what came to mind. These places are logical for many of the things you will need. Common items like nails, hammers and drills might be better purchased at places like Walmart, Target, or even Amazon.

Time to Start Comparing

Armed with this knowledge you are ready to get to work comparative shopping. Don’t give me the excuse you don’t have time! Much of this comparison can be done without ever having to leave your home. Follow along I will hold your hand and walk with your each step of the way.

Comparative Shopping to Build Your Chicken Coop on a Budget

Chart example to help find the best prices when building your chicken coop on a budget
Example of how to make your chart when you being comparative shopping

First, grab a sheet of paper. In the left hand margin (on the outside where you are normally taught NOT to write) write retailer. On the very top line write name of material, quantity, online cost, in store cost and finally notes. In the column marked retailer write the name of the first location you think you want to shop.

Column by Column

In the material column write the product you are going to be looking for. When you reach the last item on your list leave a few blank lines then list your next retailer, In the quantity column write the number of pieces or boxes you are going to need. You are now ready to begin your comparative shopping.

In the column marked online cost you are going to write the cost of the items according to the retailers website. Take notice of any type of discounts you may get for ordering online, buying in bulk, or fees that will be associated with purchasing online. This information should go into your notes column.

Continue This Process…

Follow this pattern until you have worked through each of the retailers you have listed. Remember to check for things such as tools, nails, and screws at some of the less logical places to do a one-stop-shop. Building supply or farm stores will likely have most everything you need listed on their website. What if some items are not on the website?

Don’t Enjoy Writing Try This Instead

Don’t want to write all this out on paper? Use a spreadsheet in place of paper. If you don’t have Microsoft Office you can always use Google Drive or Open Office Writer. Google Drive and Open Office Writer are both free to use.

What About Retailers without a Website or Items not Listed?

example of looking for lumber when building your chicken coop on a budget
One website example to help you compare prices

Most large retailers will have a website where you can look for prices. Smaller mom-and-pop stores may not offer a website. In this case, there are still a few options.

You may want to call the store directly to ask if they carry the items you need and what their cost is. If phone calls are not your cup of tea (secretly not mine either) you can swing by the store in person when you are in the area or passing by. Use this same method for any items that you might not have been able to find online. This information will go into your column marked in store prices.

All This Information Now What?

Now you have all the information with pricing in front of you it is time to really put your noggin (brain) to work. There are two options to use here. Figure up the price of everything you can get at each retailer then compare overall prices or find each place with the best deal on each item. The best option will depend on if you want one store to get it all or most of it or if you don’t mind to use different locations to get the best price possible. I have been guilty of using both methods.


If you prefer a one stop-shop go through each of the retailers and figure up the cost of all the materials you need that they provide, including any deals or fees you have listed in notes. Now it is simple to compare and see which retailer has the best deal. If there are any items you must make an extra stop for add the cost of that item in as well.

Best Deal Over One-Stop-Shop

You want the best deal not a one-stop-shop. We can do that too. Look at the prices of each of the items you need from each retailer. Circle the one that offers the best price, including any deals or fees. Cross out the ones that cost more. On a separate sheet of paper write the retailer with the best price and the item you need to purchase there. Work your way through all the items on your list, down to the nails and screws. Once done with this you should have a list with all the retailers you need to shop at for the best deal and the items you will need to purchase from them.

You Can Finally Shop For Your Materials!

Results of online search for drills
Examples of results from searching for drills
Online shopping example
Some examples you might find shopping online

You have finally reached the point where you can purchase the materials you need to build your chicken coop on a budget. I suggest buying everything you can in one trip. This just saves on time and fuel. Prevent retracing tracks by going to the farthest stop first and working your way back toward home. This is not always convenient. It’s okay just go to the stop that may cause you a challenge first. Try to place any orders you have where materials will arrive around the same time. This saves multiple trips and time.

Don’t Overthink Small Details

If an item you need and planned to order can not arrive with the rest of your items don’t sweat it. Simply decide if you will benefit more by physically picking the item up at the store or going ahead with placing an order for it.

Shopping to Build Your Chicken Coop on a Budget in Closing:

Finding the best deal on things always takes a little more time and effort than just shopping at the first place you think of. It’s a process in the beginning but you will get better at it if you keep doing it. It kind of becomes an art, a different style of living. I look at it that every penny saved is a penny toward something else that my farm needs or that I want. It also takes my farm less time to make a profit and at least start to pay for itself. Let’s be honest we may be doing it for fun with the animals but if this is our job or career, we are in it to make money.

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