Meet the Farming Author

Krypto and I enjoying a nice day playing

Hello, welcome to the farm!

My name is Rhonda Meadows and I am saving my sanity with my mini farm and garden. I absolutely love animals both tame & wild. There is ZERO discrimination here. I was ecstatic to give up my full time office assistant job and take on farming full time. It was perfect for me!

My husband, Jesse, loves it too. Our 15 year old son, Jacob, doesn’t love it quite so much. Animal husbandry is just really not Jacob’s cup of tea, it involves too much time outdoors and too many early morning hours. Typical teen, except he is home schooled. My husband is a truck driver by day, farmer by evening and weekends. Then there is me, a home maker striving to become a homesteader, while also being a home school mom.

Waking every morning to feed and water my chickens, sheep and ducks makes me so happy. I love planting seeds then watching them grow into tasty meals for the family. It is by far the best and most rewarding adventure I have embarked on. When I have the animals and garden taken care of it is off to see that my son hits the books while I surf Mturk for a few quick cents and then on to the days chores around the house.

My Blogging Mission…

is to share with you my farming journey. What it is like to take the leap and start chasing a dream and reclaiming my (your) sanity. May I teach you, make you laugh, and on some occasions I won’t promise there won’t be tears. There will be tips, stories, likely recipes and experiences. I hope you find me an inspiration to discover and chase your own dreams. The end of the day may often find you tired and worn, despite it not always being easy it is always 100% worth it.

My Motto…

Pull up your jeans or galluses and get them boots on. Grab that feed bucket yonder and lets get to it. Oh, and don’t forget to grab your hat and egg basket!