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Hey there, if you have found yourself here what can I help you with? Maybe you would like some animal or gardening advice. Maybe you want to know where I shop for my animals, get supplies for my animals, etc. What ever your question is feel free to reach out. Contact Rhonda @ Saving-Sanity and I will be glad to try to help with your needs.

  • You can always email me at the address below.

Email: [email protected]

  • You can also instant message me for an immediate response if you need to know something in a hurry.

Messenger: Farm-Tastic Friday with Rhonda Meadows

Morning around here are a little hectic but I will answer everyone as quickly as I can. If I don’t have the answer you need maybe we can work through it together so we both learn something new.

So that’s it for me until you need to contact me, Rhonda @ Saving-Sanity

lady farmer with straw hat and glasses. Rhonda @ Saving-Sanity
So here I am.
Rhonda, Your farming author.