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Meet Coco the Calico Cat

Calico cat sitting on couch upright like a human
Coco the Calico Cat showing off her human sitting skills

Coco the Calico cat is not so much a farm animal as a pet but she also has a job here on the farm. Her job has been to keep mice not only out of the house but also out of my feed for the chickens and sheep. Just because she is not a farm animal doesn’t mean she doesn’t help out on the farm.

Coco has been with me longer than any of my farm animals.Coco has been a part of my family for almost 13 years now. I found her on Local Sales Network (LSN) back in 2007. She was just a kitten. Despite her age she was not very small. She had already been named so I just went with it in place of renaming her. I would have probably called her Calico or something. So see Coco was a much nicer name anyway.

Getting to Know Coco the Calico Cat

When we first met I thought Coco was a lovely little ball of sunshine. She slept swaddled in a towel in my arms all the way home from Crossville, Tennessee. I thought how sweet and innocent she was. That whole idea changed when we got her home!

I thought I had made a huge mistake in my decision to get Coco. She was very irritable. Probably more so than other cats I had seen. The home welcoming consisted of a lot of hissing, growling and hair on end claws exposed intended attacks. It was very clear this transition was not going to be easy for any of us. Coco found her place in the end corner of my son’s bathtub and refused to come out. I was not real certain what to do with her at this point.

Patience and time was about all there was to do. Everyone needed some time to calm down and adjust. I had a friend who came to visit. She was brave enough to drag Coco the Calico cat out of the bathtub. Once she was in the living room with all of us she was slightly more open to getting to know us. Forming a bond with her would take some work especially for my husband and son but over time we all found our place.

Coco the Calico with flavored bottle of water beside her
Coco is curious
Calico checking out a package that came in the mail
Coco the Calico being herself
Calico cat playing with ribbon on a Christmas gift
Curios cat checking out the gifts

Growing to love Coco the Calico Cat

Coco the Calico was a wonderful mouser in her younger days. Mice wasn’t a meal of choice but she got wonderful exercise from the chase and toss games she would play with them. Eventually a claw would hit the mark and the mouse would cease to fight. She would then leave the mouse to its demise. I would usually easily find and dispose of the cute but annoying body.

Luckily Coco the Calico cat liked you to reward her for her work. There was only a couple times she hid the evidence. A hidden mouse is a torture I would wish on no one. Coco hid one in my chair that was a horrible sight and smell. She also decided to put her own present under our Christmas tree skirt one year. We found that evidence as we were taking our tree down. Sure she meant well but YUCK! My son also discovered a deceased mouse tucked inside his boot for safe keeping once. Imagine that for a minute!

Selfie of woman and a Calico cat
Coco can be lovable
Calico cat curled up sleeping
She sleeps so cute
Selfie of woman with Calico cat
I am owned by Coco the Calico cat

Age and Coco the Calico Cat

Since Coco the Calico cat has gotten older she is not as great at mousing as she once was. Since age has taken a toll she can’t move quite as fast,jump as high, or fit in some ares she once could. There is a lot more sleeping and sight is not as keen. Her keep however has been earned and she has a lifetime easement with our family. She is a wonderful cat. She isn’t social except with the family but she is very loving. I spend time each day with her curled up in my lap. No way would I dream of getting rid of her.

Calico sleeping
Cat sleeping
Calico sleeping surrounded by hearts
cat sleeping

A Few Things to Know About Owning a Calico

Is a Calico cat the right choice for you? That totally depends on your needs and wants with a cat. There are some things you should consider before getting your own Calico.

First, Calico cats have long hair. They shed a lot. They shed on everything. You will not leave home without wearing some Calico fur and you will find it on the curtains, furniture and carpet. If you suffer from allergies or do not like an animal that sheds much then the Calico will not be a good fit for you.

Second, from my personal experience Calicos are not real picky eaters. Coco will eat almost any food I put in her bowl. She does have some digestion issues and I have found Meow Mix makes her sick. I usually feed her Purina Indoor Cat formula or Healthy Weight. She really likes this brand and does well with it most of the time. I also give her occasional cat treats and any tuna or salmon juice from cans I open. She LOVES those meals. I drain it separate from her food though because she will not eat her food in it. Strange but she won’t.

Cat laying down
The You are my human look
Calico laying down staring at you with big green eyes
The human pet me now look

The Final Two Tips

Third, since Calico’s shed they also suffer from hairballs. Coco often becomes sick from hairballs. She spits up when this happens. She does not have any one place she is sick. Keep eyes open at all times! It is nasty when you step in a pile of cat upchuck. To alleviate the hairball problem you will need hairball treatment. I prefer the gel you put on their paws. This way the cat has to lick it off making sure they take the treatment. I normally see an improvement in spit up after using this a couple times a week. You do not have to use it constantly. I only use it when Coco is experiencing problems. You can also purchase some cat food which claims to help with hairball problems.

Last, my experience has been that Calico cats have a stranger temperament than other cats. Coco does not like other animals, even cats. No social graces here, she hides when guests visit. She is very moody and this is getting worse as she ages. She is horrible with adults so I would not recommend having a child round her.

Kitty sleeping on chair arm and human
Stretched out sleeping
Squint eyes because she wants to sleep
The be still so I can sleep look

Coco the Calico Cat in Closing…

Calico cats require a bit more work than short hair felines. The hair is a big consideration. It is not only a nuisance but causes other health problems you will need to treat. If you want simple care the Calico is probably not for you.

Calico’s have a strong independence and personality. They are not always gentle. Coco does not like to be picked up or held. If looking for a “baby” this is probably not your breed.

If you are looking for a cat to catch mice and do it’s own thing however the Calico fits that bill. Do you enjoy watching cats play by themselves and want someone with a lot of energy, the Calico would be a great choice. If looking for a cat that is not one to pester you much for attention consider a Calico.

All things considered cats like people all have different personalities. I am sure there are some very loving social Calico cats out there. Tying to find them might be a bit like jeopardy.

Kitty chilling on chair arm
Always wants close to “her” human
Examining Christmas decor, she is nosy
Curiosity getting the better of her

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Lady with kitty resting on her
Greeting me when I finally get home

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