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A Journey into Farming

Hello! Welcome to the farm.

Hello, Farmer Rhonda here. If you have not checked out my about me section you should stop by there for a quick introduction into who I am. Then this post will continue the story from there. So exactly how did I become a farmer from a 8 – 4:30 office assistant making $12 an hour?  Well just let me tell you that is a story in and of itself! 

Stepping out of comfort and into peace

Finally mustering up the courage to leave my job as an administrative office assistant after almost 6 years was sure no easy task. It was stable employment, had helped pay many bills, and was honestly the best paying job I have ever held to date. Needless to say it wasn’t an easy decision to walk away, but something that I really needed to do for myself and my family. My husband and I discussed this decision more than once before I finally decided to really take the leap. November 16, 2018 I said goodbye to coworkers that often felt like family to chase a dream. I can’t say I didn’t miss my public job but I can say that my stress load was lessened by a ton. My mind started to relax and the gears started to turn (only a slightly dangerous combination).

Thus begins this adventurous journey

The journey began with a few sheep years ago but we were finally at a point in our life where we were permitted to grow, and grow we did. We have sheep, chickens, and ducks running in our pasture. We have the sheep dog and an indoor cat thrown into the mix. We have hopes of soon adding rabbits, pigs and I can’t wait for the cows. So I am going to start at the beginning and take you through to present day. First, I would like to introduce you to my many animals. Then I hope you join me on this crazy journey and live a farm life through my own personal experiences. I will teach as I learn. I will share as I find things fun or fascinating. I will share recipes I enjoy because becoming a farmer/homesteader is allowing me to once again rekindle an old flame with cooking. Overall, I will tell you the real struggles and triumphs along the journey as a small town farmer striving to do the best I can for my family and community. Why would I do this? I am hoping to leave behind stories to tell and my own personal legacy. Join me to meet the animals and embrace this new found love an adventure of mine! 




I enjoy sharing my world of knowledge with others especially about products that I love and believe live up to their promises and those that I hate and feel mislead consumers for profit. I have started Rhondas Review Corner in an effort to help guide consumers who are curious about products both new and old. I may not know everything but when it comes to products I quickly learn what works and what doesn't and I am happy to share that knowledge. Besides I love to write so really I enjoy both aspects of the deal!

Please share what you know, so we can all learn and grow

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